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Background Check

Fingerprint Scan / Live Scan

Do you need to be fingerprinted or live scanned for a background check? Stanislaus State Police Department provides Live Scan and fingerprint services to the general public and by appointment only. Stanislaus State Police Department is located in Turlock, CA. Many employers, both public and private, are required to perform background checks. Our Automated Fingerprint and Live Scan system completes such background checks by comparing fingerprints received against a database of criminal fingerprints to determine if there is a criminal record.
Low cost Live Scan and fingerprinting services have never been so easy in the city of Turlock.

Purpose of Background Checks

Securing a criminal background check prior to employment, licensure, or certification provides a hiring or licensing authority an important resource, which aids in the evaluation of the applicant. These applicants are often candidates for positions that place them in a position of trust for some of California’s most vulnerable citizenry, elderly, and dependent adults and children. As such, it is vital for the hiring or licensing authority to be aware of specified active arrests or convictions. Entrusting applicants with the responsibility of the position prior to a criminal background check potentially jeopardizes the safety and integrity of the workplace and may leave some individuals exposed to unnecessary harm. Employment and licensing authorities may also face legal liability if applicants with specified active arrests or convictions are employed or licensed when statute prohibits such action based on the successful completion of a criminal background check.

Purpose of Background Checks

If an FBI criminal background check is requested, the fingerprint images are forwarded to the FBI to perform a fingerprint-based search of records in the national criminal history database. If the applicant’s fingerprints match fingerprints in the national criminal history database, the FBI sends the DOJ a cumulative RAP sheet that contains criminal history information from any states or federal agencies that have reported the information to the FBI. If there is not a matching disposition for every out-of-state or federal arrest, the DOJ is again mandated by statute to perform the “genuine effort” to obtain the missing disposition information, just as with California arrests that are missing disposition information. Once the “genuine effort” is fulfilled, a DOJ technician must review the updated Rap sheet and prepare the background check response according to the statutory dissemination criterion.

Live Scan / Fingerprint Check Status

The Applicant Background Check Status provides the applicant with a simplistic view of the fingerprint background check status; this status should not be construed as indication of the employment or licensing status. The review of an applicant’s criminal history is only one piece of an agency’s process in making a suitability determination. The Applicant Background Check Status is located at: The ATI Number and Date of Birth are required to perform a search.

Proof of ID

What You Need To Bring

You will need to bring the Live Scan request form provided by the agency that is requesting the background check and a valid proof of identification. Live Scan forms include information that is unique to each agency and the information must be present on the form prior to being fingerprinted.

You will need to bring one of the following primary forms of photo identification

  State-issued Driver's License
  U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card
  Federal Government Personal Identity Verification
      Card (PIV)
 Uniformed Services Indentificaton Card
  Department of Defense Common Access Card
  Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration
      Document(s) (Foreign passport must be
      accompanied with Form I-94)

  USCIS - Permanent Resident Card (I551)
  USCIS - Employment Authorization Card (I-766)
  Federal, state, ot local government agency ID card
      with photograph
  U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
  Canadian Driver's License

If you do not have one of the primary forms of identification, you will need TWO items from list A and TWO items from list B

List A

  Social Security Card
  U.S. Passport
  State Government Issued Certification of Birth
  Marriage Certificate (Government Issued)
  U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military
  Federal Government Personal Verification Card
  Department of Defense Common Access Card
  U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification

  Court Order Identification Change
  U.S. Government Issued Consular - Birth Abroad
  Foreign Passport with Immigration Document
  Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization
  Resident Alien Card Issued since 1997
  Temporary Resident Identification Card
  Employment Authorization Card


List B

  Utility bill (with address)
  Paycheck stub with name and address
  Vehicle Registration Card/Title

  Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card
  Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card
  Spouse/Parent Affidavit



Our Fee: $25.00 per person

Plus additional processing fees required for the State (DOJ) and Federal (FBI) level criminal history record checks.

Forms of Payment

Credit Card
Business Checks

Accepted Credit Cards



Businesses and School Districts can create an account for easy monthly billing.


Please see our account section to set up an account.

Additional Live Scan Fees:
DOJ $32.00 Child Abuse Index $15.00 2 Ink Cards $25.00
FBI $17.00 Foster Home $34.00 Our Resubmission $0.00
Social Services $10.00 Personal $25.00 Others Resubmission $25.00

Stanislaus State

Students of California State University, Stanislaus

California State University, Stanislaus students will need a Live Scan fingerprint clearance for various reasons: to enter into the K-12 educational systems, for Teacher Credentialing, tutoring, observation, and for employment on campus.

Student Live Scans (Except Teacher Credential)

Clearances are received by the University Police Department and remain on file as long as the student remains enrolled (max six years). A request for Live Scan form is available in our office at the time of service. Students will not need to be fingerprinted for other campus courses as long as the student has uninterrupted enrollment. The clearance is valid at both the Turlock and Stockton campuses.

Teacher Credential

Clearances are received by the Credential Office. Privacy laws require the Credential office to maintain their own clearance records. Therefore, students with previous clearances on file with the University Police Department are required to be live scanned for the Credential office. Bring the Request for Live Scan form provided by the Credential Office.


Businesses and School Districts

Are you a business or school district that needs live scan background checks for pre-employment?

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